Bernard Pras – Inventaires



Art inProgress, texte de Christian Louis Eclimont
237 pages
29 x 25 cm
ISBN : 978235108313

At the confluence of Pop and performance, in the contemporary sense of the term, Bernard Pras invites the reader and the art lover into a world that is both simple and mysterious, where humor is the key. A unique approach on the art scene today, the artist constantly moves back and forth between disfiguration and figuration, or the opposite, whatever! Here it is the illusion and the magic of optics which operates. Recycled waste, consumer icons taken out of their usual fields constitute the raw material of his work. Pras surprises, Pras astonishes and sees far in the middle of all – sees himself from afar too -, and it is indeed what imposes him as a creator shifted away from the concepts and the currents doctrines.