Peter Stampfli – Skira



199 pages
28 x 24 cm
ISBN : 2605001881

Born in the canton of Bern in 1937 and living in Paris since the 1960s, Peter Stämpfli has established himself as a singular and authentic artist. This book is the first comprehensive monograph devoted to him.
After the dramatic fire in the artist’s studio on the Quai de la Seine in 1990, which destroyed a large part of his work, this book aims to retrace the thirty-year itinerary of a creator who was one of the first European protagonists of Pop Art.
Daniel Abadie’s study analyzes the work in its relationship to international artistic currents and shows the complexity of a work that leads us from pop art to geometric abstraction, but whose object remains unique: the tire and its structure. A highly illustrated and documented biography reveals the painter’s achievements and their echo in the critics, as well as his forays into the fields of the environment, sculpture and cinema.